VA SEPS + BIM Overview

Overview of the SEPS2BIM  and how it benefits VA and the AEC community working on projects.

1–SEPS2BIM Site Intro

Learn how to use this web site and tools. (D7 )

2–Export Projects from SEPS for BIM

How to export a Project BIM Export (Excel) from SEPS that can then be used by BIM to create SEPS driven project designs. (A.1)

3–Project Generator

How to use the SEPS2BIM Project Generator to Import SEPS BIM Excel and create BIMs (D 10)

4–Automating SEPS to Revit

How to create a BIM with SEPS data and open it in REVIT(D.1 ).

5–SEPS and BIM for VA Project Managers Intro

How to export data from SEPS to be used by BIM. (A.5 )